Our Mission

We are here to accurately identify, and effectively solve any PCB manufacturing issue's you may have. We will design, review, and build the most cost effective solution.

Our Service

Our drive for quality, is achieved through the belief that our service begins when the phone is answered, and continues throughout the process, until a solution to your problem is achieved. Taking information electronically, in the form of Gerber Data, we can accurately manufacture tooling through our Cad – Cam facility.


PPR Tooling's aim is to establish a partnership with electronic manufacturing companies, working together to solve manufacturing needs. Our experienced staff have knowledge, not only in the machining processes of our products, but also how these products will be used within the printed circuit board assembly processes. This combination proves to be invaluable when interfacing with you the customer, to develop designs that meet your requirements.

Typical products supplied

  • Auto Insertion Tooling Plates (Radial & Axial)
  • Print Support Plates (DEK & MPM)
  • Screen Print Fixtures
  • Surface Mount Fixtures
  • Wave Solder Fixtures
  • Selective Wave Solder Fixtures
  • Selective Wave Solder Fixtures (Double Sided PCB's)
  • Adjustable Wave Solder Fixtures
  • Pin Placement Assembly Fixture (Press Fit)
  • X-Ray Tooling
  • Conformal Coating Fixtures
  • Assembly Tooling & Turn Over Jigs
  • PCB Test Fixtures
  • General CNC Machining

If any of the above is of possible interest, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.